Comfortlessbreen (Surge)
Comfortlessbreen has advanced to the sea due to a surge and [more]
Conwaybreen a spectacular tidewater glacier [more]
Repeat photos
Repeat photos of various glaciers [more]
Kongsbreen (south)
Kongsbreen (south) [more]
South Svalbard aerial
South Svalbard aerialphotos [more]
North Svalbard aerial
North Svalbard aerial photos [more]
Kongsvegen, Kongsbreen
Kongsvegen and Kongsbreen [more]
Midtre Lovénbreen
Midtre Lovénbreen [more]
Vestre Lovénbreen
Vestre Lovénbreen [more]
Austre Brřggerbreen
Austre Brřggerbreen [more]
Austre Lovénbreen 1
Austre Lovénbreen: the glacier forefield [more]
Austre Lovénbreen 2
Austre Lovénbreen: the glacier surface [more]
Birds of Svalbard [more]
Mammals on land and in the fjords [more]
Plants in the glacier forfields [more]
Phenomena related to permafrost [more]
Icebergs of Kongsfjorden [more]
Stereo photos
Stereo anaglyph photos of glaciers [more]
The 2009 photographs in NW Spitsbergen were taken during a research project supported by The European Centre for Arctic Environmental Research in Ny-Ĺlesund (ARCFAC V), and hosted by the German-French Station, AWIPEV (Director: Dr Marcus Schumacher). The 2010 and earlier photographs were taken on expeditions funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council.